About Pacific Rim Thai

Pacific Rim Thai is proudly a Melbourne institution and a destination where customers can explore traditional Thai food and culture. Our restaurant has been positioned on the corner of Bridport Street and Ferrars Street in Albert Park for over 20 years. During this time, we’ve worked hard to establish ourselves as an authentic, reliable Thai restaurant. Put simply; we serve high-quality, honest Thai food. Fresh flavours, bright colours and exciting textures are central to our dishes, and we’re continuously pushing boundaries and developing flavours to ignite the senses.

Servicing areas: Albert Park, Middle Park, South Melbourne, Southbank & Port Melbourne

Fresh and delicious, a menu to get excited about
Led by our talented team in the Albert Park kitchen, Pacific Rim Thai has an extensive menu that offers the best of Thai cuisine. Our menu will give you a comprehensive insight into Thai food, from salads and fish to curries and rice dishes. Our dishes are elevated with salty, sweet, sour, bitter and spicy flavours, a celebration of flavour and fresh ingredients. Our menu features some well-known Thai dishes such as Massaman Curry and Ginger Fish while also offering a selection of dishes unique to Pacific Rim Thai.
We freshly pick our ingredients as we believe freshness is the key to delicious food. Our curry paste is ground right here in the kitchen, and our ingredients are sourced locally where possible. The kitchen team at Pacific Rim Thai are forever in the pursuit of the perfect dish.

Your next authentic Thai experience
In Thailand, food forms the basis of many social occasions. It’s at the core of many celebrations and a reason for family and friends to unite and celebrate an array of beautiful dishes. Food is best when it’s shared, and Pacific Rim Thai aims to offer the same cultural experience right here in Melbourne. Our Albert Park restaurant interior has been purposefully designed to create a comfortable ambience where small groups and couples can come to eat.
Pacific Rim Thai is a wonderful place to dine with our friendly customer service and no-fuss approach, no matter the occasion. Whether it be a birthday celebration or anniversary dinner, our restaurant caters for every event, and our staff love to make every meal special. 



Unforgettable service just for you

After two decades, we are still driven to go the extra mile and ensure that every customer who walks through the door walks out with a smile on their face (and a full belly). Pacific Rim Thai is a place to unwind, enjoy the company of your loved ones and devour excellent Thai food. Our commitment to this is unwavering.
For those customers who want a night in but without the fuss of cooking, Pacific Rim Thai offers a Thai take out food service to local suburbs and is an all over Thai food Melbourne favourite. Our high standard of Thai food and service remains the same, no matter where you eat it. Pacific Rim Thai tastes as good at home as the Thai food does from the tables inside our restaurants. If you’re looking for takeaway near me of a high standard, treat yourself to the most delicious and authentic local Thai food in the local area.
Our customers are the purpose behind Pacific Rim Thai, and we thrive on delivering a genuinely enjoyable experience. Combining authenticity, tasty food, a welcoming environment and excellent customer service has gifted us with a loyal following of Thai food devotees in Melbourne. We look forward to seeing you soon to share the beauty of Thailand through its cuisine.











open MON, WED-SUN 5:00 PM until 10:00 pm. TUESDAY CLOSED. 68 bridport street, albert park vic +61 396.908 008.